Where are you located?

We’re centrally located between the 215 and 15, off of the Clinton Keith exit. Conveniently only ½ a mile from Starbucks, Super Target, gas stations and more, while being in a private setting surrounded by lush gardens and serenity.
Our address is 27220 Catt Rd, Murrieta, Ca 92562

Do you offer an All-Inclusive package?

Yes, we have packages 4 which is our All-Inclusive package, as well as 3 other packages which are customizable.

You can see our packages under the Wedding Options folder.

Do you offer special promotions? (only one discount applies per event)

Military discount of $500 (For Bride or Groom’s military service only - does not apply to other family members military status)

How much time do I have for my event?

Option 1: You can arrive at noon on the day of your event and leave by midnight.

Option 2, 3 and 4: You can arrive at 10:00 am the day BEFORE your event and leave at 10:00 am the day AFTER your event.

Do I need to provide an event coordinator?

You are not required to have an event coordinator, but they are very helpful in helping with all of the large and small details that go into planning a wedding.

Are we allowed to bring our own vendors (such as caterers, a DJ, etc) to enhance our experience?

Yes, at Bella Gardens, you’re allowed to use any outside vendor of your choice to help make your stay exactly what you want and as relaxing as possible. All we ask, is that you return the property and the estate back in the original condition that you found it in.

What is your typical rental schedule? Check in and Check out hours?

Option 1: Check in at noon the day of your event. Check out at midnight of the same day.

Options 2,3 and 4: Check in at 10:00 am the day BEFORE your event. Check out at 10:00 am the day AFTER your event. 

Can I take my engagement photos there?

Option 3 and 4: Yes, but it must be booked on an available date at least 14 days before arriving. 1 hours on the property for engagement pictures is included, but of course you can arrange other locations for your engagement photos with your photographer.

Pets and Animals

You are welcome to bring your dog for the ceremony part only, as long as they are on a leash the entire time and you assume full responsibility for their care, safety and cleanup.  After the ceremony, you must make arrangements for them to be taken off of the property. Horse and buggies are allowed. You may release doves or butterflies as part of your ceremony.

Electric Outlet Availability

Outlets are available in various locations in the ceremony and cocktail hour locations, as well as in the barn. Any outdoor vendors must use gas/propane operated equipment. No plug ins.  Coffee pots and skillets draw a lot of amperage. Please ask the Property Manager before plugging anything like that in.

Handicap Compliance

Our exterior property and Barn are completely ADA compliant, including the Barn restrooms. However, the inside of the house does have steps.

Smoking and Ashtrays

Smoking is not allowed in any indoor areas or restrooms. Illegal substance use is prohibited on any part of the property. Designated smoking areas will be available.

Date Change or Cancellation

Date changes are handled on a case by case basis, and if you are forced to cancel your event, any and all deposits are nonrefundable, except in the situation where military relocation orders can be provided.

Do you offer children’s prices?

Option 3 and 4: Three (3) years and under free, otherwise, all children need to pay full price

Is there any additional facility fee? No.

Is there an extra ceremony fee? No

Is there a dance floor?

A dance floor is not needed in the Barn. The Barn has flooring that makes a perfect dance floor.  If you’d still like to have one, a dance floor may be rented for an additional fee.

Can I have a food tasting with the caterer and if so, when?

Yes of course. Barring the holiday months, we usually have one tasting per month. You will be notified when they are scheduled and can make reservations to attend one. We recommend about 2-3 months before your event.

What is the dinner served on?

White ceramic dishes, 8”

Do you provide plates, napkins and forks for the cocktail hour?

For Option 3 and 4: Clear plastic plates, with matching forks and white cocktail napkins will be provided

Do you provide plates, napkins and forks for the dessert (cake)?

For Option 4: Clear plastic plates, with matching forks and white cocktail napkins will be provided

Is there a cake cutting fee?

Option 4: No cake cutting fee

When will I have access to the Barn?

You will have access to the Barn after your check-in until 7:00 pm for set up only, and then again at 10:00 am on the day of your event.

When can I have my rehearsal?

The rehearsal is typically the evening before your event. The rehearsal usually takes one hour.

In Option 1, there is a $50/hour cash charge on that day if it goes longer than an hour.

In Options 2,3 and 4, there is no charge or time limit.

How early can I come to set up?

In Option 1, you can arrive at noon on the day of your event.

In Options 2,3 and 4, you arrive at 10:00 the day BEFORE your event and can start setting up.

What color linens are provided in Option 3?

We provide white or ivory linen table cloths with white or ivory linen napkins and silverware.

Can we get other color linens?

Yes, we offer you the freedom to customize your event as you’ve dreamed. However, different color linens/napkins are at your own additional cost.

Can we bring in different chairs/tables?

Yes. However, chairs and tables brought in from another vendor are at your own additional cost.

Are we allowed to use open flamed candles?

No, we cannot allow candles, please only use LED candles.

Can we use glitter, confetti or bird seed at the ceremony location?

No glitter or confetti. You may use any organic materials, such as seeds, bubbles, flower petals, fruit, etc. Fabric aisle runners on grass do not work very well. Organic rose petals do. You cannot use artificial leaves or petals.

For Options 1 & 2, do you have a refrigerator that my caterer can use?

Yes, there is a caterer’s prep area in the barn that can be used if need be. The caterer must check out with the property manager before he/she leaves to assure that the prep area is in the same condition it was provided in, otherwise a $250 charge will be deducted from the security deposit.

What is your policy on trash clean up?

For Options 1 and 2 where you are using external vendors, we require one of the following:

1)     You take responsibility of all trash.      

2)     You pick it up and bag it. We’ll have it hauled away for you. $300 charge

3)     We handle all trash. You just go and enjoy your honeymoon. $600 charge

For Options 3 and 4, we take care of all trash.

What size are the tables and what kind of chairs do you offer?

60” round tables that seat 8-10 guests are included in all Options, we do have upgrades available. 

Do you have a private bridal suite/changing room?

With Option 1, you have a downstairs bridal suite only, the barn does have bathrooms that can be used for changing for the men.

With Option 2,3 and 4, you have access to a beautiful 1000 sf bridal suite for the women upstairs as well as a bridal suite for the men downstairs.

Do you have parking?

YES! Plenty of parking for your 200 person event….over 2 acres.

Is parking free? It sure is!

Is there a fee if I pay by credit card?

We prefer payment by cash or check. There is a 3% fee added if you pay by credit card. You can mail check payments to Bella Gardens Estates, 27220 Catt Rd, Murrieta, Ca 92562. Please make your check payable to Bella Gardens Estates. There is a $25 fee for any checks that do not clear.

When is my final payment due?

This is due with your final head count 30 days prior to your event. If payment has not been received on or before that due date, there will be a 10% charge of the total cost of the event.

Is the tip included?

Yes, it is.  But if you thoroughly enjoy your experience, feel free to tip the caterer, bartenders, DJ, photographers and any of the other participants that made your special day a wonderful occasion.

Do you allow early check-ins or late check-outs?

Unfortunately, do to scheduling of events, maintenance, etc.  Early check in and check outs are on a case by case bases and can be discussed.

How late can the event go?

Options 1, 2 and 3 include your event lasting until 10pm. However, see below.

What are some things we need to keep in mind during our stay at Bella Gardens?

-No cars are allowed to park on the street. We have plenty of parking in the back lot. Please advise your guests.
-No vehicles are allowed on the lawn areas for loading, unloading, display or any other purpose. The grass will be affected and sprinkler heads could break.

Can we decorate?

You may hang or post any signs or decorations outside using thread, string, zipties or twistees from trees, poles, ceiling grids or anything that does not cause damage.  If you’d like to post a sign or structure in the grass/dirt, nothing bigger than a golf ball size hole or 2x1 post can be made. You cannot attach anything using staples, pushpins, thumbtacks, nails, tapes or adhesives.

What if we want the front gate closed during the ceremony?

We do not allow this, but the property manager will make sure no cars enter during your ceremony grand entrance.